Astern in the Dinghy: Commentaries on Ezra’s Pound’s Thrones de los Cantares 96-109 (1959). Editor: Alexander Howard

You in the dinghy (piccioletta) astern there! (CIX 788)

Ezra Pound Goes to Washington
Alexander Howard (University of Sydney)

Some Contexts for Canto 96
Richard Parker (University of Surrey)

Gold and/or Humaneness: Pound’s Vision of Civilisation in Canto 97
Roxana Preda (University of Edinburgh)

Hilarious Commentary: Ezra Pound’s Canto 98
Peter Nicholls (New York University)

Sound and Sign in Canto 99
Michael Kindellan (University of Sheffield)

“In the intellect possible”: Revisionism and Aesopian Language in Canto 100
Alex Pestell (Independent Scholar)

Deep Rustication in Canto 101
Mark Byron (University of Sydney)

Shipwrecks and Mountaintops: Notes on Canto 102
Mark Steven (University of New South Wales)

Revised Intentions: James Buchanan and the Antebellum White House in Canto 103
James Dowthwaite (University of Göttingen)

Exploring Permanent Values: Canto 104
Archie Henderson (Independent Scholar)

Canto 105: A Divigation?
Alec Marsh (Muhlenberg College)

So Slow: Canto 106
Sean Pryor (University of New South Wales)

‘The clearest mind ever in England’: Pound’s Late Paradisal in Canto 107
Miranda Hickman (McGill University)

Three Ways of Looking at a Canto: Navigating Canto 108
Kristin Grogan (Exeter College, University of Oxford)

‘To the king onely to put value’: monarchy and commons in Pound’s Canto 109
Alex Niven (University of Newcastle)


Marianne Moore. Editor: Edward J. F. Allen.


George Bornstein (University of Michigan): ‘Flaring Marianne Moore: A
Polemical Edition’

Kristen Treen (University of Cambridge): ‘Moore’s Observations: Documentation
and the Indexical Imagination’

Stacy Hubbard (University of Buffalo): ‘Poems and their Rhizomes: Marianne
Moore’s Network of Notes’

Edward Allen (University of Cambridge): ‘Miss Moore Goes to Washington:
Glossing in the Coolidge Auditorium’

Patricia C. Willis (Curator Emerita, Yale Collection of American Literature):
‘On “An Octopus”’

Anne Stillman (University of Cambridge): ‘Eliot’s Moore and The Selected Poems (1935)’

Heather Cass White (University of Alabama): ‘The Poem’s Edge: Annotating
“Nine Nectarines” (and Other Porcelain)’