Marianne Moore. Editor: Edward J. F. Allen.


George Bornstein (University of Michigan): ‘Flaring Marianne Moore: A
Polemical Edition’

Kristen Treen (University of Cambridge): ‘Moore’s Observations: Documentation
and the Indexical Imagination’

Stacy Hubbard (University of Buffalo): ‘Poems and their Rhizomes: Marianne
Moore’s Network of Notes’

Edward Allen (University of Cambridge): ‘Miss Moore Goes to Washington:
Glossing in the Coolidge Auditorium’

Patricia C. Willis (Curator Emerita, Yale Collection of American Literature):
‘On “An Octopus”’

Anne Stillman (University of Cambridge): ‘Eliot’s Moore and The Selected Poems (1935)’

Heather Cass White (University of Alabama): ‘The Poem’s Edge: Annotating
“Nine Nectarines” (and Other Porcelain)’