Glossator 7 (2013): The Mystical Text (Black Clouds Course Through Me Unending . . . )

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Volume 7 (2013): The Mystical Text (Black Clouds Course Through Me Unending . . . )

Editors: Nicola Masciandaro & Eugene Thacker

In Priora Extendens Me: Confessiones, IX.x.23-25 – Kevin Hart
Abandonment: Giving Voice in the Desert – Ron Broglio
Commentarial Nothingness – Daniel Colucciello Barber
Thinking the Charnel Ground (the Charnel Ground Thinking): Auto-Commentary and Death in Esoteric Buddhism – Timothy Morton
When Death Became a Creature: Saint Francis & Sister Death – Beatrice Marovich
Uncoupling the Hermit: Richard Rolle’s Hermit-ing – Christopher Roman
The Authority of Reason: on John Scottus Eriugena’s Periphyseon, I.508C-513C – Cinzia Arruzza
Silvering, or the Role of Mysticism in German Idealism -Daniel Whistler
Sophia Within, Without Sophia, Whither Sophia: The Longing of Philip K. Dick – Aron Dunlap & Joshua Ramey
The Voice of the Mirror: Strange Address in Hildegard of Bingen – Karmen MacKendrick

It is always surprising to discover that the great mystics produced so much, that they left so many treatises. Undoubtedly their intention was to celebrate God and nothing else. This is true in part, but only in part. We do not create a body of work without attaching ourselves to it, without subjugating ourselves to it. Writing is the least ascetic of all actions . . . The mystics and their ‘’collected works.” When one addresses oneself to God, and to God alone, as they claim to do, one should be careful not to write. God doesn’t read . . . — E. M. Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born