Glossator 9 (2015): Pearl

by nm

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Glossator 9 (2015): Pearl

Edited by Nicola Masciandaro & Karl Steel

“Innoghe”: A Preface on Inexhaustibility –  Karl Steel

The Arbor and the Pearl: Encapsulating Meaning in “Spot” –  William M. Storm

Pearl, Fitt II –  Kevin Marti

Pearl, Fitt III (“more and more”) –  Piotr Spyra

“Pyȝt”: Ornament, Place, and Site – A Commentary on the Fourth Fitt of Pearl –  Daniel C. Remein

Meeting One’s Maker: The Jeweler in Fitt V of Pearl –  Noelle Phillips

“Mercy Schal Hyr Craftez Kyþe”: Learning to Perform Re-Deeming Readings of Materiality in Pearl –  James C. Staples

Fitt 7: Blysse / (Envy) –  Paul Megna

Pearl, Fitt VIII –  Kevin Marti

“Ther is no date”: The Middle English Pearl and its Work – Walter Wadiak

Fitt X – More – Travis Neel

Enough (Section XI) –  Monika Otter

Fitt XII: Ryght –  Kay Miller

Pearl, Fytt XIII –  A. W. Strouse

The Jerusalem Lamb of PEARL –  Jane Beal

Fitt 15 – Lesse –Tekla Bude

Out, Out, Damned Spot: Mote in Pearl and the Poems of the Pearl Manuscript –  Karen Bollermann

Seeing John: A Commentary on the Link Word of Pearl Fitt XVII – Karen Elizabeth Gross

Theoretical Lunacy: Moon, Text, and Vision in Fitt XVIII –  Bruno M. Shah & Beth Sutherland

Delyt and Desire: Ways of Seeing in Pearl –  Anne Baden-Daintree

Fitt XX – “Paye” –  David Coley

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G9 cover