Glossator 10 (2018): Thrones

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GLOSSATOR 10 (2018)

Astern in the Dinghy: Commentaries on Ezra’s Pound’s Thrones de los Cantares 96-109

Edited by Alexander Howard

You in the dinghy (piccioletta) astern there! (CIX/788)

Mr. Pound Goes to Washington
Alexander Howard (University of Sydney)

Some Contexts for Canto XCVI
Richard Parker (University of Surrey)

Gold and/or Humaneness: Pound’s Vision of Civilization in Canto XCVII
Roxana Preda (University of Edinburgh)

Hilarious Commentary: Ezra Pound’s Canto XCVIII
Peter Nicholls (New York University)

“Tinkle, tinkle, two tongues”: Sound, Sign, Canto XCIX
Michael Kindellan (University of Sheffield)

“In the intellect possible”: Revisionism and Aesopian Language in Canto C
Alex Pestell (Independent Scholar)

Deep Rustication in Canto CI
Mark Byron (University of Sydney)

Shipwrecks and Mountaintops: Notes on Canto CII
Mark Steven (University of Exeter)

Revised Intentions: James Buchanan and the Antebellum White House in Canto CIII
James Dowthwaite (University of Göttingen)

Exploring Permanent Values: Canto CIV
Archie Henderson (Independent Scholar)

Canto CV: A Divagation?
Alec Marsh (Muhlenberg College)

So Slow: Canto CVI
Sean Pryor (University of New South Wales)

‘The clearest mind ever in England’: Pound’s Late Paradisal in Canto CVII
Miranda Hickman (McGill University)

Three Ways of Looking at a Canto: Navigating Canto CVIII
Kristin Grogan (Exeter College, University of Oxford)

‘To the king onely to put value’: Monarchy and Commons in Pound’s Canto CIX
Alex Niven (University of Newcastle)

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